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School Management system

Payroll Management System

School Management System with Library Management System

All the schools need to maintain the records of students and teachers:

o this software is used to maintain the student records from the adimission to leaving the school .

o The most importtant feature of this software is to display the fee register of the student whom management of the school can know the fee structure of every month of the students.

o This software is used to manage the salary structure of the school staff .

o The following feature of this software is given below. .

1. Software keeps the Student Master Data at the admission time
2.Transport and Concession Feature are available for the students which can be activate and deactivate for any student at any time.
3.User can set the fee method(monthly,Quarterly) .
4.Master Information is provide the transport from the different destinations.
5.It provides the transfer certficate of the student
6.we can Transfer the student from one class to next class.
7.It generate the two copies of fee challan one for parent and another for school.

8.It generate the character certficate of the student.
9.It Provides the school ledger for knowing the transaction with respact to school.
“School Management System ” software has been developed by BLUESKY SOFTWARES SERVICES. This is a user-friendly, one-stop solution to all problems relating to maintenance of student's fee and teacher's salary.

o Manage the teacher's salary

o Stores data for any number of years

o Transfer the student from one class to next class.

10.It provides the defaulter list of the students which shows the due fee of the students with fine
11.It provides the student ledger report.
12.It provides the student journal report.
13.It provides the list according to serial no and alphabetical order of the names for the OMR sheet

14.It provides the list of the students for the scholership.
15.Bank Opening Balance of the School As on Date .
16.Entry for the Expenses/Income except the Student Fee
17.Entry for the Scholarship of Student.
18.Entry for the Daily Student attendance.
19.Entry for Transport Charge Master.
20.Pending fee of Fee Head report.
21.Bank Ledger Report.
22.List of Fail Student Report Financial Year Wise
23.List of TC Student Report Financial Year Wise.
24 List of Pass Student Report Financial Year Wise.
25.List of Student With 1st class,2nd class and 3rd class Financial Year Wise.
26.Daily Report of all the transaction.
27.Change the Name of The student and Address Utility
28.Entry for Employee(teacher) Master
29.Calculation on attendence basis for salary
30.Salary register report.
31.Salary slip report

Library Management System :

1. Book Master .
2. Membership Master .
3. Publication Master .
4. Author Master .
5. Subject Master .
6. Card Master .
7. Issue Books .
8. Return/Lost(damage) books .
9. List of member of Library Report .
10. List of Publication Report.
11. List of Author Report
12. List of Books Report.
13. List of Available Books in Library .
14. 6. List of Damage/Lost Books Report.
15. List of Returnable Books(Today) Reports.
16. List of Issueing Books(Today) Report.
17. List of Fine Student Report.
18 List of History of the Books Report.

Minimal System Requirement
1. Windows-98 / NT or higher.
2. 32MB RAM or higher.
3. CPU Speed P-II or higher.
4. Resolution 800 by 600 Pixels or higher.
5. 16-Bit Colors or higher.

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